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Week in Spain

sunny 15 °C

France we again passed very fast.

In Spain again some friends were waiting for us - so we planned to stay there for few days - just to wait until soft boxes for Martins studio flashes will arrive from Germany and go - as we all we exited to reach to the African roads and let the real adventure to begin.

Since me and Martin left everything in Estonia behind and were literally shifting to Ghana - the car was over packed. We started hearing funny noise from back right wheel already in France. Since noise got worse and worse in Spain we decided to take time to fix the problem. The wheal bearing had broken down we found out in Subaru workshop at Granada. But in Spain nothing happens before tomorrow - Manjana, manjana...

"Come back we will check whats wrong tomorrow!" "Found the fault - ok come back tomorrow to fix..." and so on.

So we set up the tent not too far from workshop in Granada and started waiting. It took time for the spare part to arrive from Madrid, so we took a chance to look around in Nerja, Malaga and Marbella.


Since in Spain the weather was not as extreme as in Eastern Europe we spent many nights at tent. Camping on our friends roof at Nerja was awesome!!!!!

We took the ferry from Tarifa to Tanger on 13th of March 2009. That day I did my first steps in Africa. Although on cant get the real African touch in Morocco yet.


Before getting the ferry we did some serious food shopping in Tarifa - to be prepared for desert. Soups, cookies, fast noodles, water, water, water.... It was too much water actually - in desert there was surprisingly many chances to buy some more supplies.

From our last Spanish trip - where we bought the car for African trip, me and Martin remembered a super good and very affordable Chinese buffet in Marbella. So we decided that before we get to suffer with not much food in desert we deserve to have one proper meal - to eat in buffet until we literally cant walk. So Marbella we went, found the buffet - door locked. Yeah it was a bit early, we decided and sat down in the park in front of the buffet to wait until it gets opened. By 2pm we had waited about 3 hours - whatta patience aaah??? And by that time we could really feel the hunger - so one of us went to check the buffet again - maybe we just did not notice people going in and opening the place? Could be... Well that's when we found the signboard on the window - the place was closed on Thursdays AND IT WAS a Thursday! Damn Damn Damn! :) Happens!

Waiting for the buffet to be opened.

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Monaco - City as 4d installation!

overcast 9 °C

Since we were in hurry with reaching to Africa we could not relax in Augsburg more than 2 days. We were hurrying because there were Estonian-Ghanaian marriage to be held in Ghana on March 20th and we did not want to miss that.

So we squeezed our luggage into car on the road we were again. We passed Austria, but did not stop there.
In Italy we took the mountainous road and saw some nice fogs.

Since we were in hurry, our driving arrangements were: 1 driving, 1 sleeping and 1 reading a map. Yes, we covered a lot of roads at night. We had heard that in West Africa is not advisory to drive at night due to many dangers – so we tried to do the Europe part as fast as possible. We did not go for much of the sightseeing.
In Genova we stopped to find some proper Italian pizza but due to too early hours we had to satisfy with sandwiches.

In Monaco which was on the way, we parked the car and stopped for some night walk. This place is beautiful – they don’t have much space, so the architects of the city are some real clever wrappers.
With its plurality of levels Monaco is like a 4D space installation.









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Shopping and comfort stop in Augsburg

overcast 5 °C

After 3 days of driving we reached Augsburg, Germany. We were really anxious to get there, cos in Auxburg one of my travel mates had some friends who provided us some free accommodation.

Aaaaaah that was Superb – after nights spent sleeping on car chair covering oneself with whatever gives warm we got a chance to lay our bodies straight on mattresses, have some warm shower and get introduced with German beer culture.

We stayed in Auxburg for 2 days – bicycling around the city at daytime, enjoying culture (read beer) in evening time.

Last day we also did some shopping - One of our travel mates had a plan to join a jazz band in Ghana so we were looking for flute, while browsing the stores I bought myself small amateur photo camera to get some snapshots rest of the trip.

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The very beginning

the freezing part of the trip

snow -20 °C

My road trip which has culminated with living and working in Ghana got started has a overnight decision. February 2009, economical crisis in all over the world. I was living Estonia then and was working for a bank. My too friends were about to start a a road trip from Estonia to Ghana. Crazy - I considered them to be.

26th of February just before the lunch brake my boss told me sad news. The bank I was working for had some hard times and they had decided to eliminate the position of investment consultant I was holding. I knew that in this economical climate I would not find new job in banking.

I invited my "about to travel Ghana" friend for a lunch to check out if they have space for me in a car. They had the space for me and my backpack - but they planned to drive out the next day.

Now some serious fast reaction happened. I rushed to the clinic to get my injections, I begged my boss to do all paperwork in speed of seven monkeys and to transfer my balance by evening time, explained my landlord how it happened that I am moving out of the apartment so fast and off the road I was.

We drove 2 guys and me. Since I was the one without driving license I got the position as a navigator for the trip.

The beginning point was Tallinn - but we stopped about after 150 kilometers in Pärnu, to dim the long distance lights for the car and change the radio. Boy though the old, broken car radio could be useful in Africa, so we decided to keep it.

We came with low budget - so no lodging in hotels during the trip, we had our tent. We decided to drive non-stop via Baltic-states, we left at winter time and non of us fancied cold weather or camping in a snow.

It did not go quite as planned! Latvian roads in February nigh time - slippery as hell! So instead of wasting time with driving on ice in speed of 30 kilometers per hour we stopped for some sleep. It was around -20 degrees outside - so we slept in a car with engine running not too far from Lithuanian border. Were just waiting for the time when sand-trucks start treating the road in dawn.

Also in mountainous area close Poland/Czech Republic border we experienced some ice-covered roads and cold nights, overnighting in car and starting engine in each hour to get some warm.

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